Let us show you how to product Wa-tohki in this page.
From material to merchandise, you shall see such processes of manufacturings.

 Material mining.
Kaolin, Feldspar, Silica, Clay, etc., materials ,also, Tulk, for Yuyaku are mined , collect. and imported from China, Korea, India, sometimes.

The material is finally smashed into a micron particle from bean size, step by step from

Further materials are prepared in water mixing for each production purpose

The compound is kneaded after being dehydrated and vacumed in order compound to be in euqalized quality.

To shape producits in various technical skills.
ex: Hand rolling(Rokuro)
   Machine compressing.
   Molding. etc.

The shaped products are dried.
Factories in old age dried products under sunshine. but who at present do by machinery power.

The products are fired in a kiln with temp. 800-900c, in order to enforce intensity and burning unneccessary flamable material in productions.

The designed pattern are decorated on the products.,by-
Hand paint
Machinery paint.

After designed, the products are dropped into Yuyaku(Glaze) traditinally, and are decorated in original color, pattern, at a factory, one by one.

ex: Oribe, Shino, Kiseto
It is the most important, but difficult process.
Because, the products shall become to a different one by "Firing", condition in a kiln. ,
ex: temp., hours to be elements.,

The productions are inspected finally with keen eyes of factory checkers in prior of loading.