TOhKI (Pottery) and Histories around Toki City.

Mino-Yaki History Over View

Mino-yaki, historical name was born for Potteries, producted in East area of Gifu Pref., where has been called "Mino" region, Japan., where includes"TOKI", "MIZUNAMI","TAJIMI" cities.
About 5C, a new technology for pottery producting, called "SUEKI", was initiated to Japan from Korean peninsula., which was fired withover temp.1,000c in kiln under ground. instead of traditional productions in field firing under with temp. 1,000c
It is around 7C that the technology was initiated into "MINO" region, and the products seemed to be limited mostly , to cover with the consumption in the area.

Various technologies from China and Korea, initiated, effected to potteries in the area through 10C to 16C and the product was developed expansively into pottery art around 17C the age of NOBUNAGA,, HIDEYOSHI, who supported "Cha-no-yu" (tea ceremony) by "Rikyuh".
The pottery creative-technology and originality of "Yu-yaku" produced so many "Chawan".
Also, Finding the high-grade clay in "TOKI" area that is much convenient to pottery product,took the technology upto Art, in the area.
"KISETO","SHINO","ORIBE",etc are famous of "Mino-yaki" designs. which are furnished in these ages.

The age of 1,800 year, the production changed into ordinary and industrial table wares., which were produced of a new material, "Porcelain"., initiated from Arita in Kyushu. Such new materials and technologies for coloring, designing were initiated aggressively by industrial corporations through ages, And "TOKI" area became one fo the biggest production area of Porcelain ware., in Japan.

In the first quater of 20C, the technologies were jump upto mass productions with low cost by divisional production, specialized labor, electric power, etc. in a business situation of international trade development, and domestic demand expansion.
Also, technology evolutions took new and high efficient mechanical systems to industrial corporations. It is the most significant scene, that kilns were enhanced with Heavy Oil, Gas, or, Electric, instead of chacoal energy .

After world war II, the industries marvelously increased the production with Japan economic revival in 196to 1970. Huge quantity of producitons were exported from Nagoya Port., also, industries satified the most of domestic demands.
Mino-yaki shares now, "more than 50%of total production in Japan."

Pottery Art has been kept traditionaly among artist in another-way. eventhough industrial evolutions has targeted "cost and quality" on their business. And "TOKI" area appeared so many of Art and Artist historicaly .

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