TWEUC name is United Corporations for Table ware Exporting for more than 80 years, located in Toki-City, Central Japan, where it has been producing
Wa (Japanese traditional) Tohki (potteries), since Nobunaga, Hideyoshi age.
Toki city and corporations brings pride to such historical and traditional industry by exporting Wa-Tohki.

TWEUC will show and offer Wa-Tohki in Japanese Traditions with its 500 years of history.
Wa-Tohki Selections is available in over 10,000 items.

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Over 10,000 variation!!
High grade Table ware in Original glaze!
TWEUC shall take you into traditional and fantasic
world of Japan table ware.
Craft Item
TWEUC shows "Hand Craft Item" in page of peices/others page.
you may find funcy and excellent product for your table.

Table Coordination
Up dated "Table Coordination", you may enjoy a new table with Japanese
traditional table ware.

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The column guides you into Wa-tohki World and escort you to
Japanese Table mannar, Pottery Art,History, Manufucturings, etc.
You may be a well known in Japanese pottery and table ware,
when you shall finish a tour with us.