Renji Nakagaki

R. Nakagaki is a junior of Kiln owner,named "Shuho-gama" who was born 1954, and has been specialzed in Tradional table ware in Toki city, his home town.And who has originated a new design, "KOBIKI-AKAE" , a few years ago, that is a characteristic drawing with red, green, etc., on traditional white pottery bases, The dynamic and soft touch on tablewares are designed with his own artiistic feelings . Also, it is said thathis idea of is one of the most fresh mission in traditional circumstances , where Artists used to design thier arts on "Obribe","Kiseto",such traditional bases.

Such table wares are much favor among japanese high grade restrants.(RYOTEI)

Oribe-Tsubaki OH sara
(Big size platter)
Art No.
Born: 1954

            R. Nakagaki Art Collection

Art No. Shuho-002

Designed with originated YUYAKU (glaze)technics and painted on
a unique style bowl, KATAKUCHI HACHI..

Art No. Shuho-003
Kani(Crab) sqaure-hachi

Crab design in "SABI" glazing,
High-Quality Range of Ceramic from Japan

Art No. Shuho-004

Premium Quality, Handpainted Ceramic in traditional style, Hexagon.


Art No. Shuho-005
Oribe-Tsubaki hachi

Small sized Fancy Ceramic Receptacle in "Oribe", traditional YUYAKU, glazing.

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