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"TOKI " city is located in South East region of Gifu Pref., where is about central Japan.,
The area is famous of "Tohki" production through 1,300 years and with historical traditions.,where over 64,000 citizen are living in about 116km2 of small hills and mountains with much green field.
Potteries, sent our from "TOKI" area is called "Mino-Yaki", and "Oribe", "Shino", "Kiseto" are presentative traditions in the area.
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istorical site, Museum& Institutions
It is said to be the first Kiln in Mino region.Kagenobu Katoh, built the kiln initially in the area around 1600. Length 24m x Width 2m kiln has 14 chambers Multiple chamber type.

The museum shows various excacations around Toki city, particularly excavated at Ruin of Moto-yashiki Kiln, as shown above.

Also, the museum exhibits famous potteries, "Oribe", "Shino", "Kiseto", originated in the area, also, various "Chawan"- cups for "Cha-no-yu"(Tea ceremony), these are typical pottery arts in "Nobunaga"," Hideyoshi" & "Rikyu" ages, around 1600 year.

Ceratopia Toki
The institution is located in down-town of Toki City for activating of economy, culture, prodution in the aea., and where has a big hall,a special room for international conference, galleries, also, offices of unions, parties and organizations, related to area productions.

Various business shows are hold at Cera-topia through a year.

The hall has been built in Sept., 95, where is a base for initiating of cultures of pottery, also, is a reserching base for new ceramic materials in the area.

People shall be able to lean, to study, to exchange informations related to "Tohki". also, people shall be able to exercise "Tohki hand making", "Tohki Art", "Cha-no-yu", etc.
The institution has ceramaics seminor rooms, art studios, , galleries, a information exchange lobby, and a tea ceremony room, etc.

Named "DONBURI-KAIKAN", because the hall is designed for a lay-out as "DONBURI",Bowl Japanese popular table ware, also,because Toki city is a origin of "DONBURI" production.
Where obtains funtional efficiencies for "Mino-yaki" shopping, presentation, exercise amusements. for visitors.
Also, the hall is located in the best position of sight-seeing in Toki area, surrounded with "Chigo-Iwa Bridge", "Toki natural forest", "Cera-Techno Toki", etc.

The hall is located in Kujiri,Toki-city, where is famous as of the origin of Mino-Yaki .
The hall was established to initiate and to support up Mino-Yaki, and the area culture and traditions.
So that, the hall exhibits/sales various traditional and modern Mino-Yaki made by corporations in the area., also has a studio where every one shall exercise to make potteries, to design own pictures on yet-glazed one for your original work.