E-mail: info-tweuc@toki-jp.com
TWEUC present various advantage for you and your
customers to enjoy your business via Web site access

  Every one shall be able to TWEUC member, just with answer to a easy questionnaire
  of TWEUC, in order to establish better relationship among you and TWEUC in future


1. Common membership
  You shall be TWEUC member automatically when you shall answer to TWEUC

2. Executive membership.(VIP)
  You shall be TWEUC executive member, when you shall place any purchasing order,
  even, for samples.
  You shall be able to have various informations, and be presented TWEUC special prices,
  when you shall be TWEUC member.

1. Hot news
All members shall be able to receive TWEUC hot news at very month, via TWEUC
  Mail Magazine, for -
     a. New products
     b. Limited products
     c. Events and exhibitions, etc.

2. Special price.
  All members shall be presented Special prices for TWEUC products.

3. Archive products.
  All members shall be able to see and check TWEUC products in archive.

4. Executive information
  Executive members shall be receive further more informations, for-
     a. Bargainning products.(Outlet products, etc)
     b. TWEUC recommendations.(for your favors)

5. Executive(VIP) price
  Executive members shall be presented Executive prices, further more than members.