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Formal NameFToki Yushutsu Tohjiki Kansei Kyodoh Kumiai  
TWEUC,(Toki Wa-tohki Exporting Untited Corporations)
The name is formally called, Toki Export-Table ware Producting Co-operative Union,
in Japanese, Toki Yushutsu Tohjiki Kansei Kyodoh Kumiai.
and is organized with corporations, related to chinaware productings for exporting.

also, the union purposes own enhancements on mutual economy, technology among
members, through co-operative plannings and performances.
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TWEUC now!
TWEUC has started own Web catalogue, addressed www.toki-jp.com
June, 2003
Also, TWEUC is planing to creat a new product for 2004 exhibition in Hong kong.
Pleasse be in expecting to TWEUC product.

has been continued for a new customer invite to TWEUC Catalogue.

The union has been established as a branch of Gifu-ken Export Chinaware
manifucturing Union, 1932.

1942, changed the name to Tokitsu Export Chinaware Conference.

1952, re-established as of Tokitsu Export Chinaware Producting Co-operative
Union. under minor enterprises co-operative uninon regulations.

1953, registered officially.

1963, established Toki Ceramics Center of Combined Co-operative Union,
and Office moved into Center building.

1977, changed the name to Toki Export Chinaware producting Co-operative
The union has been developed ordinarily with world trade expansion in Chinaware area, since of the establishment,1932. In 1970age, the peak of chinaware exporting from Japan, 62 corporations have joined to the union. With changing of trade situations, the union,however, has been obliged to shrink into around 1/3 of the peak.
The union has worked for check and approval of export formalities, goods, designs,etc. as a important organization for exporting industries, but, the most of works has been released with current mitigations of such regulations at law. Also, activities of the union has been shrinked and down with slow business under current market situations with Asian tough industries.

Today, the union attempts new projects with I.T. for business survival with corporations.
And TWEUC is one of projects in our missions.